• Honor the Past

    白小姐三肖三期必出一期开奖 firmly believes that we must honor the past in order to embrace the present and create the future. We have a rich history which begins with Miss Dorothy Emily Davis, a graduate of the University of Chicago, who came to Orland and Palos Townships in 1919 in order to organize an accredited Chicago high school for the students in the area who were unable to attend the Chicago high schools. The Orland High School was established through a provision in the Community High School Law of 1917, making it possible to secure funds for all costs except building and equipment from the non-high school district revenue of the State of Illinois.

    Miss Davis and the first 13 students of Orland High School had classes in one room located on the second floor of the old village hall in Orland Park. In March of 1920, the high school was accredited by the State, making graduates eligible to enter the Chicago high schools without entrance examinations and providing full credit for courses taken at the Orland High School.

    The next year, Miss Davis and 28 students moved into two rooms in the new bank building. At the end of that school year, the original 13 students were graduated.

    Exterior photo of Park School

    The school occupied the old Park School building for the first part of its third year. The brick part is the oldest part of the building, being built around 1922. The limestone section of the school was later constructed in 1940 from Joliet limestone and served as a gymnasium. During the second part of that third year, Miss Davis and 31 students moved to a new five-room school building designed by Mr. Pashley and built by Mr. Mahaffy of Palos Park. In June, 1921, another 13 students graduated.

    For the next 30 years, makeshift facilities were used to house the expanding high school enrollment. In the 1940’s classes were held in the basement of the grammar school building, in the basement of the Lutheran Church, and in two abandoned stores in the Village of Orland Park. By this time, students were graduating from a fully accredited four-year high school. On May 5, 1952, the voters of Palos and Orland Townships voted to create a new high school by combining High School Districts 221 and 222 in Consolidated High School 白小姐三肖三期必出一期开奖. A year later, the voters held an election to select the site for the new high school as well as to vote the necessary bonds to construct the building.


    Watercolor painting of exterior of Sandburg High School
    Carl Sandburg High School

    13300 S. LaGrange Road Orland Park, IL 60462
    Construction of the first high school in the newly consolidated district began in May, 1953. By September 1954, classes were in session at Carl Sandburg High School at 133rd Street and Route 45 in Palos Township.

    Watercolor painting of exterior of Stagg High School

    Amos Alonzo Stagg High School

    8015 W. 111th Street Palos Hills, IL 60465
    On May 26, 1962, voters in the district approved a $2,100,000 bond issue to finance the construction of the second high school in the district located at 111th Street and Roberts Road in Palos Hills. Stagg High School opened in September 1964.

    Watercolor painting of exterior of Andrew High School

    Victor J. Andrew High School

    9001 W. 171st Street, Tinley Park, IL 60487
    The third high school in the district opened in the fall of 1977, housing freshman and sophomore students. The first class graduated in 1980. Andrew High School is located at 171st Street and 90th Avenue in Tinley Park.

    Benjamin Franklin High School

    From 1993 to 1998, 白小姐三肖三期必出一期开奖 operated Benjamin Franklin High School, a small laboratory school enrolling approximately 150 students. Franklin was established to be a center for staff development, a catalyst for school restructuring, and an alternative to the traditional high school experience. Students from each of the district's comprehensive high schools volunteered to attend Franklin.