Business Services

  • The Business Services department is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of 白小姐三肖三期必出一期开奖 students and community while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

    The Illinois State Board of Education bestowed its highest ranking of Financial Recognition on 白小姐三肖三期必出一期开奖. The district has posted balanced budgets for each school year since 2003-04.

    Transparency Checklist

    Consolidated High School 白小姐三肖三期必出一期开奖 is committed to transparency with the community regarding district business. In conjunction with the Illinois Policy Institute's 10-point Transparency Checklist, the District provides the following documents on its website. Information in addition to what the Illinois Policy Institute suggests is also included. As the district continues to strive for transparent governance, additional documents will be added to this page.

    1. Elected and Administrative officials contact information
    2. School Board Meeting information
    3. FOIA submission information
    4. Budgets
    5. Financial Audits
    6. Expenditures 
    7. Salary and Benefits
    8. Contracts
    9. Lobbying: 白小姐三肖三期必出一期开奖 is a member of professional organizations that may lobby on behalf of education including Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Association of School Administrators and SCOPE
    10. Historical Tax Levy and Fees

    IMRF employer cost and participation information .



Statement of Affairs

Business Services Staff

  • John Lavelle
    Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

    Tammy O'Malley
    Executive Assistant

    Tera Wagner
    Director of Finance

    Sue Maza
    Accounts Payable Bookkeeper

    Victoria Rios
    Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper

    Phyllis Besbekos
    Payroll and Benefits Manager

    Kevin Peronto
    Employee Management Coordinator

    Nakeisha Williams
    Transportation Manager

    David Cunico
    Payroll Bookkeeper





Contracts & Salary